Past Courses

Fall 2012

Lit 301A — Survey of American Literature (Marylhurst University)

  • This survey course focuses on “American Gothic,” a genre of fiction that combines horror with romance, as expressed in a range of U.S. literature from early national roots to contemporary. Regional, ethnic, and gender diversity will be emphasized. The required course text is American Gothic: an Anthology 1787 − 1916 (Crow, Charles. L., editor. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 1999).  Specific authors studied include Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Alcott and Dickinson.

Lit 368A / CMS 368A — Colonial & Post-Colonial Literature (Marylhurst University)

  • The voyage taken by Columbus in 1492 changed the world forever, not only for Europeans but also for the people inhabiting the continents “discovered.”  This course puts writers of the “old world” into dialogue with voices of the colonized.  Literatures of the colonized are among the most important voices in contemporary literature, expressing new perceptions on the experience of colonization, articulating a unique identity, and claiming a new version of the past.  The course ends by examining portrayals of the colonial enterprise in contemporary science fiction.

English 101 (Clark College)

  • Writing is a skill. Just as with any other skill (e.g., driving, playing videogames, lying to your parents) the more you do it the more proficient you become. Practicing writing makes you a better writer, so we’ll do lots of that in this class. Gaining familiarity with the work of other writers (by reading) also makes you a better writer, so we’ll do lots of that too. In this class we will learn to understand reading and writing as complementary activities. Reading makes you a better writer, but writing also makes you a better reader as you learn to recognize common written structures, rhetorical strategies, and other “moves” that writers use.

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