Well, it’s official.  The end is nigh.  At least that’s how it felt when I plunked down my cash and bought a dreaded devilbox.  This step into the brave new world of electronic publishing was one I had put off for a long time, and when I did finally venture into the world of digital texts I certainly didn’t think I’d be getting a Kindle.  I don’t relish the idea of having to buy everything for this electronic reader through a single source and the inability to borrow electronic books from libraries and other readers strikes me as a near-fatal flaw; however, for an easy on the eyes (read, non-backlit) reader that’s also easy on the pocketbook, the temptations of this devil we all know are damn hard to resist.

A month into having the thing, I’ve got to admit that I actually really enjoy having it.  While I still refuse to purchase things for the Kindle that I can buy in hard-copy, there are enough electronic-only publications that I keep the thing in my go-bag and always have something to read.  Without this transition, I never would have discovered Noir Nation, Beat to a Pulp or Crimespree, not to mention the excellent books published by up-and-coming new Snubnose Press, nor any number of deserving electronic-only self-published authors like Anthony Neil Smith and Nigel Bird.

I know I’ve previously expressed my skepticism about the DIY world of self-publishing and I still maintain that electronic publishers with actual editors are necessary to help separate the wheat from the chaff and help readers find quality work rather than sifting through the massive sea of poor-quality products; however, as digital publishing continues to find its way I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing.

Stay tuned to this blog for more in-depth reviews of some of these electronic publications.

I’ll also keep you posted on my own adventures into publishing at electronic magazines and journals.



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writer of dark fiction (crime, horror & western noir), literary & textual scholar (american gothic, noir, po-co, sf), and cultural critic View all posts by Chuck Caruso

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